Who is OrchidNoir

Hi. My name is Kim. I have some uncanny skill. For some reason Ive noticed that people tend to listen when I speak. I say this with as much humility I can convey through the screen.

That wasnt much was it?

I tried, I really did.

After being fired from a job in 2008; the firing manager said i should be writing. Gee, thanks.

But then I started to write. Mostly poetry but then a novel. Its not finished but it has potential.

But then something else happened and I woke up. I feel like Neo in a sense. I can see things in a way that some people cannot. I feel changes or shifts in the spirit realm and I start to get anxious.
Everyday I look up and every night I pray for His return.

Until such time I will share what I see, feel and discern here.

Please share, like and comment. This is preparation. The time of spiritual complacency is over. Its time for the final event.


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