Don’t be entertained, Be SAVED

God warned us to Be IN the world but not OF the world

Fasting, reading and prayer reveals hidden truths of your surroundings and spirituality. Now, more than ever, do I realize that attempting to reside in heaven with God and in the world with the devil will absolutely result in PERMANENT citizenship with the devil.

God loves you eternally but He will not tolerate only part of your devotion. He wants it all.

The devil doesn’t care if you only give him an inch…he knows that one inch is just enough taint that God cannot tolerate. Its just enough sin that keeps you lost forever.


I made a comment a few days ago, questioning society’s love of violence, sex and gore. It wasn’t always like this. We enjoyed TGIF family viewing on tv. We had comedies and clean love stories in movies. We had Super Mario Bros video games, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Pac Man…etc!

When did we sell our souls? When did we cash in our chips for gratuitous violence and overt sexual content?

Don’t you (YOU) realize that you are a child of GOD ALMIGHTY!? Don’t you know that you were divinely CREATED in HIS image? Can’t you see the world becoming more corrupt day by day? Do you truly believe that hell is nothing more than a playground for the wicked?

It is not where you go if you want to have a “good time”. It is not the carnival for the flesh. Satan knows this.

All of your high grossing entertainers, movie stars and the entire industry have plotted and planned for such a day as this. A day where morality is simply “how you feel”. Politically correct speech keeps you from speaking the truth. Unfortunately for some “entertainers” who believed their blood oath or soul selling was a farce…they are either slaves to their contract or dead for refusing to fulfill it.

IT IS REAL. IT HAPPENS. And some celebrities who made it as far as the door and spoke about it, were QUICKLY silenced.


Where do you fit in?

Well, as long as you are entertained…your silence is bought. But do you realize what being entertained by Satan really means?

Entertainment is defined as: Amusement or Diversion; engaging
Diversion is defined as: (divert) distraction or an attack or feint that draws the attention and force of an enemy from the point of the PRINCIPLE OPERATION
Distraction is defined as: (distract) to turn aside or divert, to turn aside, draw or DIRECT, to stir up or confuse
Direct is defined as the following:
to impart orally  
to adapt in expression so as to have particular applicability
to regulate the activities or course of  
to carry out the organizing, energizing, and supervising of
to dominate and determine the course of  
to train and lead performances of
to cause to turn, move, or point undeviatingly or to follow a straight course
to point, extend, or project in a specified line or course
to request or enjoin with authority
to show or point out the way for
to point out, prescribe, or determine a course or procedure

Hollywood is, without question, morally bankrupt and completely evil. When ALL animated films intended for children have been corrupted with embedded pornography and satanic symbolism…the assumption of one or two rogue animation artists cannot stand.

When the music industry’s hidden satanic symbolisms are identified why do you continue to indulge? Can conspiracy theorists have THAT much time on their hands? Is it truly the agenda of off balanced individuals trying to ruin an artist?

Ask yourself one question: What if its all true?


What if the representations of symbols and spells cast on music/movies/books/tv is all true? Would it explain your fascination? Could that be the reason you are addicted to something? Coffee? Sex? Food? Violence? Drugs? Could that be why you’re constantly sick? Would that explain your child’s behavior?

What if you turned it all off?

Its so important that should you choose to be entertained, you first KNOW the source of the entertainer/ment. What master they serve. Its just like seating yourself at a table to be served a feast. Would you eat willingly and heartily if you didn’t know or understand what was on the menu?

Like a feast, society has been fed lies, manipulation and deceit. There are a few enlightened people who have uncovered many secret truths to these “feasts” and have exposed them for what they are. Unfortunately, because so many people have come to love the taste of blood, they choose to continue to dine on tainted meat sacrificed to Satan. Entertained by Satan.

And because you are….so ENTERTAINED…Satan has the ability to DIVERT your attention from the truth of who you really are. He is able to fully DISTRACT you from his true identity and can now DIRECTLY DOMINATE, DETERMINE, DIRECT, TRAIN, LEAD, TURN
MOVE and IMPART to you his will and desires.
Now you are his slave or puppet…willingly pantomiming his thoughts in every way of your life. Your very soul is nearly lost. He is your ENEMY. He is not a figment of someone imagination. He is not a character you fell in love with in a movie. He is the seed and root of ALL EVIL. He is a destroyer of family. He hates love and he HATES YOU. He is happy when you fail to see his traps. Happy when you divorce your husband/wife. Happy when you harm your children/animals. Ecstatic when you take joy in gore and filth. Loves it when you sleep around. Loves it when you steal or lie. Loves it when you pretend to kill in video games…and LOVES it even more when you ENJOY doing so.

His fate has already been determined. He can only seek to harm his Father by dragging you to hell with him. Don’t go.

Jesus stepped into humanity to save you from Satan. He obliterated Satan’s power over you ETERNALLY; you simply have to accept that victory. Be in the world, but not of it. Be a light in the darkness. Be a living testimony of God’s mercy and grace. And more importantly, be VIGILANT in avoiding the snares of your enemy. He’s coming for you like never before because his time is nearly over. Keep him defeated by coming out of Babylon and choosing New Jerusalem instead.


Let only those who seek the truth of these words, find it.

Don’t choose to be entertained, choose Jesus Christ.

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