Mythology and the Coming Great Deception by Rob Skiba (review)


Today has indeed been an eventful day. It started at approximately 1:15am and all I can say is that I am more convinced that these are those days Yeshuah talked about in the book of Matthew.

Now more than ever, it is not just important but IMPERATIVE that we hold steadfast to our salvation through Christ. The time of thinking about the “last days” as some far away event is over.

If you still think and believe that spiritual warfare has nothing to do with current events in politics and government you’d be sadly mistaken.

As I’ve said before, the god of this world, politics and Yaweh’s elect (warriors)…this time is AT HAND.

I’m just a woman. A blogger. A lover of Yeshuah and a lover of all of creation. I am not internet savvy. I am not a computer genius. I could never piece together a video illustrating my…

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