Heavenly High. No Earthly Good

Romans 3:23 – For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Before there was grace, there was law and law ruled without compassion and without love. It was not a respecter of person, lineage or age. If you broke the law, you paid a price.

Before Jesus Christ – Temporary Sacrifice
A goat was used as the blood offering or sacrifice for the UNKNOWN sins that righteous men who followed God’s law. This implies that only those sins were forgiven through burnt offerings…what about the “willful sins”?

Hebrews 10:26
For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sin.

In other words: If you sin knowingly or intentionally, you will undo the power of forgiveness by the blood sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  That is heavy stuff!

Why am I talking about sin and forgiveness right now. It seems a bit like a step back in our walk…I mean, we all already know these things right?

Yes we know these things but NO, we do not fully understand the WHY and HOW.

Why you MUST live and LEAD a HOLY Life

Christ gave us the perfect example of who we should be to humanity. Stewards. We are representatives of He who saves. Because He saved us, we are free to live and help others find that same salvation.
Our lives should be filled with miracles. Everyday we should be involved in a miracle one way or another. Why? Because that’s what Jesus did every day. He changed the minds of people who might have been on the fence regarding Him.
When He came, He didn’t come to start a war, He came to start the kindling that would one day become a raging fire for HIM.
He set people to start talking about Him, learning and saying His name on a daily basis. I can almost imagine the conversations:

“Did you hear of this ‘Jesus’?…”
“…I was in the assembly when Jesus….”
“Jesus healed a little boy…”

His name was the daily topic of conversation in the Old Testament. The devil must have been in agony hearing it.

The “WHY” is solely because of the “WHO”. Jesus is why we have to take off the old mantle of sin and our old nature. It should be so polarizing that being who we used to be becomes distasteful. That old lifestyle becomes unsatisfying.
Think of it like eating hotdogs all your life but then one day, having someone serve you juicy, well seasoned and cooked to perfection steak. Can you go back to hotdogs and be satisfied?

I am laying the foundation so that this entry can talk about the HOW. How we became so Heavenly High that we also became No Earthly Good.

As I said before, we are to be stewards…representatives of Christ in us; and every day should be FILLED with the evidence of holiness and salvation aka Miracles.

Yesterday I left my home for work, stopping at a gas station. As I pulled up I noticed a small woman walking between the stations talking to patrons. I immediately knew she was asking for money.
In my mind I pretended not to notice her. I also tried to convince the Holy Spirit that I wasn’t pretending not to notice her. Silly right? Of course it’s silly but its true! I sat in my car for a moment trying to figure out how much gas I was going to get. I had plenty of cash on me. By the time I got out of my car she had moved on to the other patrons across from me. I walk in to pay and come out nearly forgetting that she was there.
But as I began to pump a small voice a few feet away…”excuse me miss lady”.

I turned her down when she asked me if I had any change to spare. I didn’t think twice…its as she walked away that the Holy Spirit COMPLETELY rebuked me for my selfishness.
Completely contrite I called out to her and blessed her above what she had originally asked for. How much more effective could I be had I done so immediately?

God said that what ever you measure out for others, He will measure out for you. If you measure and temper your forgiveness, He will do the same for you. If you live your life in constant judgment of others, He will judge you just the same. If you refuse to forgive then you tie the hands of forgiveness for yourself.

It is NOT ok with God that we represent Him in such a fashion. We cannot be His children if we do not carry His attributes of a Father. We are the ONLY living examples of Christ today. The ONLY ones! So it stands to reason that our mantle, our countenance and our actions should directly reflect the Christ within.
Christ did not judge, He did not turn away and He did not measure or reduce the amount of healing or assistance He gave based on what He saw. He just did what was asked of Him. Faithfully.

The “How”

How can I please God, The Father? By being a bold and honest heir. Sharing your wealth. Wealth isn’t just money, its time…knowledge…strength…love…all of these things!

Don’t concern yourself with wondering if the help you provide is deserved. Maybe its not…but if you stop to consider that you don’t even deserve the salvation God has given, then you have the answer.

Salvation Is NOT Free

Christ paid the ultimate cost to create a way out of no way for humanity. And when He rose again on the third day, completely victorious He CHARGED us with a duty! That duty was and still is to share of the GOOD NEWS. To tell others of His miracle and His sacrifice. To try and save as many humans as possible. That is the cost of your salvation. You have to work for it!
You succeed by being that living example. You walk like Jesus did…in patience and love. You talk like Jesus did…taking authority over your life and situations. You pray like Jesus did…going boldly before the throne of The Most High God and you LOVE like Jesus did…without condition and without judgment.

If I live like this, then every day of my life will contain a miracle. I will be a blessing and not a curse. I will show people how great my God is! And God can and will use me to effect change in the lives of others.
I don’t have to worry about who deserves what…I know that I am UN-deserving but my Father CHOSE to forgive me anyway and because of that I should want to bless others as a way to say THANK YOU FATHER.

Jesus said: “…what ever you do to the least among you, you also do to me…”
The WORD says: “…you attend to angels, unaware…”

If you can love without concern…
If you can bless without fanfare…
If you can…then you truly are a child of God.

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