Big Bang Theory or Big God?

It still amazes me that with all the prophetic scriptures in the Bible foretelling of today’s events and people would still choose to believe in theoretical ideology of the big bang theory, evolution or nothing at all.

I serve a big, all knowing, creative, mathematical, intuitive, living and ever present God. He made us in His image and gave us dominion over this planet. And we’ve fully exercised that power. We pollute it, rob it, manipulate it and destroy it.
Jesus Christ is the savior of humanity. It is not a theory, it is a fact. His burial place is real and was indeed found…empty. He promised to return to put a final end to all this calamity and destruction.
The book of Revelation says that in the last days there will be war, famine, natural disasters, a one world gov and persecution of Christianity. All of these things are happening just like the Bible said they would. Forgive me, but if I had to choose between some cosmic freak accident or intuitive design that would reunite me with the Creator Himself…I choose the Creator.

But the skeptics always want proof… here are a few examples of MY GOD:

GOD – The Bible talks about Fallen Angels corrupting mankind. They taught us all the evil we currently use today. The magic of plants, DNA tampering and war.
Man – Ancient civilizations speak of “sky people” contacting them and teaching them. They built great buildings in honor of themselves and the people worshipped them.

GOD –  Bible talks about a great flood wiping out humanity and abominations before God. In this historic event, all animals were preserved by a single man and his family. The flood is not only described as rain falling from the sky for the first time since the creation of the planet…but that it welled up from the Earth itself…doesn’t that sound like a geyser??
The bible also says that during this time there were great earthquakes which tossed the ark like a toy to and fro. I believe that is when Atlantis was destroyed and swallowed by the sea. I also believe that this is when the continents first started to drift apart which would fall in line with the belief of Pangea, the great continent.

Man – Its been proven that the Grand Canyon was created by a great flood and the Sphinx in Egypt was eroded by great SALT waters. Some would argue that the Sphinx was eroded by rain water but that was disproven by a geologist who took great pains to identify weather patterns that indicated it was partially submerged and eroded from beneath and not above.

Its not that people lack the proof…its that they refuse to fall in line. Non-believers would rather put stock in an alien race that seeded the planet than believe that an all powerful intuitive God did.
They would rather have faith in evolution even though they cant find one single shred of evidence to indicant evolution occurred. And please don’t believe for a second that they did. Evolution was not and has NEVER been proven yet scholars and educated people still rely on the theory of it. They even put it in science books as a viable explanation of life…how reckless!

To believe in God and Jesus Christ means you also believe in the wages of sin. To have faith in God means you accept the responsibilities and requirements of following His path to redemption. Some of us willingly accept this path because instead of shaking our fists at Heaven and asking why this or that…we simply accept that this is what is…it is TOO LATE to reason and question why God didn’t do this or that or why He did this or that…what point does it serve to question??
So non-believers who willfully reject do so in spite of God but rejection of God doesn’t just hurt God, it hurts YOU! And in the grand scheme…and yes it might be a scheme…but in the grand scheme of life…you only have two choices…you accept what is and how to correct your path to redemption or you reject what is and suffer the fate of rejection.

The Bible has proven itself time and time again. Those who chose to judge the book BY THE COVER and not crack it open will always reject its validity. If you love science so much how can you not investigate the Bible and only after a thorough investigation, reject it? At least in that aspect, you’d have first hand knowledge of what you’d reject rather than the here-say of a few overzealous Christians.

No one can force you to believe but I would rather believe and be wrong that not to believe and be wrong…

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