Father’s Day is FATHER’S day

I personally believe the presence and participation of fathers and mothers are both vital to a healthy family. The roles are not interchangeable. They are distinct and personal. My mother did her best but she could not duplicate the missing love a daughter needs from her father.

As a woman, I grew up with an absentee father and an abusive step father. Although my relationship with my dad is reestablishing his absence during my childhood still hurts today.
– Mothers who become Fathers –
Impossible. Mothers cannot take the place of a Father. She cannot raise her daughters as an example of who to accept as a suitable husband nor can she  train her son on how to be an extraordinary man. A mother’s role is to train her daughter on how to be an extraordinary woman while being an example to her son on who to look for in a suitable wife.
It is a father’s job to be the balance for a family. He is too significant for a mother to take his place.
The Duality of Man
We are more than just the sum of all our parts. We are more than our emotions or our fears. We have the capacity for great AND terrible things…but…as children, we are simply here. We look to the guidance of those who watch over and love us.

A mother nurtures.
A father structures.
13 chromosomes each
Strange Coincidence?
This is not an attack on same sex relationships or single parent households. This is a reality check from an individual who lacked one dynamic of cultivation after creation.
What happens on one side of the womb is just as important as what happens on the other.
I think of parents as binary stars. Their proximity to one another leads to balance in both stars. If one falls outside the gravity of the other…they both weaken and may eventually die. They will never be as strong as they can be without each other.
This is the dynamic of family. The importance of both mother and father. Each, with their own uniqueness and characteristics, are vital and necessary for raising well rounded people.
Please don’t take today and cheapen a Father’s necessity by praising mothers in his absence. Call out for him to be there! He is important! If he cannot be there, find a suitable ROLE MODEL for your children. For your sons as well as your daughters. Enlist those uncles, brothers or cousins who make the grade. Maybe your church has a mentorship program in place.
The family unit has deteriorated dramatically and the acceptance of absence has become the standard. We have to restore God’s creation of family! We cannot continue to accept that is ok for fathers to “opt out” because the ones who suffer for it are the children.

My mother is a very compelling and amazing woman but she is not and will never be my father. Only my father can be
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