Fear Not – Know that I AM YVWH (YAWEH)

With all the natural calamity and chaos in the world…all the corruption and deceit from our political “leaders”… with every atrocity against people of every nation is the promise of salvation. The Earth, full of pain and agony, is much like a mother in labor; like gold in the fire or diamonds under pressure. But everything under Heaven has it’s allotted time and the season of greatest deception is nearly over.

Hold strong to your faith and use the wisdom afford through the Holy Spirit to guide you safely back to your rightful place which is His grace. Remember your assurance  in YVWH (YAWEH) and be watchful (careful) of your spirit. The book of Revelations warns that is these times, it will be increasingly perilous for Christians and followers of Christ to BE (remain) whom they were called to be. Cautioned to only be IN the world and not OF the world.

I forgot that all these events were predestined and foretold. I was acting under my fearful “human nature” instead of my Spiritual Rebirth through Christ. I misunderstood what my role in my life and yours was/is to be.

I am not supposed to be running around, shouting at the sky that it’s falling down! I am not supposed to alert the masses to the evil goings on in the city! I am not supposed to be writing about exit strategies or arming the people.

I am supposed to be showing you that you should have peace within you in the midst of the storm. Just as Jesus did on the boat. You should be sure enough to sleep and not be shaken by what’s going on around you!

Remember that life, such as it is, is an ILLUSION. The only truth is that of the Holy Spirit. The Almighty God.

If you lost your arm would you cease to be you? What if you lost a loved one? Can what happens outside yourself dictate what happens within yourself? Exactly.

But! What happens within you can and most certainly will dictate what happens with-out or outside you. So that is why it is MORE important in these days that instead of joining up with social injustice groups, you join a prayer group.

I’m not saying that you cannot be a part of a movement. DO SO! But do not let that movement replace the one you should be having Spiritually.
Because of what’s going on in the world, your faith should be renewed! You should be able to look and recognize the signs of seals being broken and Arch Angels going about the Father’s bidding.
Read Revelations and educate yourselves on what it is we as Humanity are experiencing. Share with one another that the FINAL ARK is set to depart and that only a remnant of Humanity shall be preserved.

I can’t believe I didn’t see it before but now its so clear in my mind and YAWEH is so merciful.

Happy Sunday – Be A Blessing and Be Blessed

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