Mythology and the Coming Great Deception by Rob Skiba (review)

Today has indeed been an eventful day. It started at approximately 1:15am and all I can say is that I am more convinced that these are those days Yeshuah talked about in the book of Matthew.

Now more than ever, it is not just important but IMPERATIVE that we hold steadfast to our salvation through Christ. The time of thinking about the “last days” as some far away event is over.

If you still think and believe that spiritual warfare has nothing to do with current events in politics and government you’d be sadly mistaken.

As I’ve said before, the god of this world, politics and Yaweh’s elect (warriors)…this time is AT HAND.

I’m just a woman. A blogger. A lover of Yeshuah and a lover of all of creation. I am not internet savvy. I am not a computer genius. I could never piece together a video illustrating my thoughts. Luckily for me, I don’t have to.

This video does it beautifully. It says everything I’ve been saying for two to three years now. This great deception started in the garden and has continued to this day. It has wormed its way into our every waking moment of life on this planet and to question it at this point would be crazy.
So much so that even my closest friends can’t seem to get on board with anything that I’m saying. No one wants to hear it. They don’t want to think about it.
Simply saying you love Jesus or that you’re a Christian should be enough.

You couldn’t be more wrong and that is exactly what the fallen and the devil himself would have you believe. That you are not in danger of losing your eternal place with such complacency. You are safe in your wickedness as long as YOU know who God is.

It is not enough to know who the one true God is. The devil and all his factions who chose to rebel against Him know who He is. They are still going to perish.

It is more important that God know who YOU are. When that time comes, it is written that many will try and convince Yaweh of who they were and what they did in His honor. And what does the bible tell us His response is: DEPART FROM ME YOU WORKER OF INIQUITY FOR I… NEVER… KNEW… YOU!

Do you still believe that by calling yourself a Christian and living a double life as a sinner will do? Can you rely on your “feeling” safe to absolve you from what Yaweh commanded? Will you carry on in willful ignorance because you haven’t seen any signs or wonders that convince you to change? Will you wait until you are lost before you believe in the precarious position of which you currently stand?

Please heed my words. Don’t let another moment pass you by simply taking the rantings of some crazy woman you’ve never met as conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo. Please believe that every…single…area of YOUR life has been orchestrated to distract and entice you into your bondage. It was fashioned so that you’d be so comfortable in your chains, you’d never suspect you wore them at all.
It is not a coincidence that the latest jewelry trend is all about skulls, goats, owls and bones. They’re everywhere and society would have you wear them willingly! Not knowing that you are giving the devil the very incentive he needed to see his plan is working. You wear the embossed symbolism on your body, steeped with supernatural curses to keep you in check and systematically weave yourself into deeper and deeper complacency.


It says that no man knows when He will return. Not even Yeshuah Himself. Only God the Father, Yaweh knows that time. He knows the year, the month, the day, the hour, the minute and the very MOMENT He will dispatch His son to return for His people, the Elect.

You ARE the Elect! You are who Yeshuah is coming for. You are who Yaweh moved heaven and earth to get back! Please don’t let uncertainty and stubborn, willful ignorance have you miss your opportunity to be free eternally!

Today is the day. This moment is your moment to get it right. Make yourself aware. Don’t take my words for it if you are skeptical of what I’m saying. Search and learn for yourself! See what the world is telling you!

The bible says that the very Heavens will be displaced and the earth will cry out! Have you looked around lately? Have you looked up? Your signs are there.

Check out this video and see what I see.

As always, continue to pray and seek His face diligently.
Yaweh forever bless and keep you all.

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