Last Days Tribulation – Passover Prayer of Protection

Contrary to what most preachers are saying, the days of tribulation have long been underway. Things are going according to the plans of the enemy, with precision and right on schedule.

In grand comparison, there are only a handful of Americans and people across the world at large who are aware. Actively reading, investigating and learning about the events around the world. Even the heavens (stars and universe around the Earth) are preparing for an event.

Ancient civilizations and the bible speak of kings and high priests making plans to hide themselves from God. One of these locations is the Rocky Mountains. There is, infact, an underground city that had been constructed beneath the mountains. Fresh NON GMO produce is grown here to supply the elites with untainted foods. More importantly, there is a secret road that leads to this bunker from the white house. It is an uninterrupted stretch of road and tracks for a secret monorail like train to rocket the elites and (most likely) the president when this massive event commences.

Be aware of foreign troops in your area. Document what you see and share it with everyone. The media is NOT going to tell you that they’re here already. Soldiers from Russian, Canada and Germany I just read are here practicing maneuvers and training for Fema as its army.

It all sounds far fetched and too much like conspiracy theory but remember…another word for theory is thesis and until it is proved incorrect, the margin for truth is just too great.



Pray this prayer out loud in your home, car and workplace. Pray with your children, wives and husbands. Pray it by yourself…just pray.

Dear Lord Almighty who was and is and is to come,

Forgive us, the people of this country, for all the sins we have committed or knew of and did nothing about.

Forgive us for sitting back and letting our Congress push through laws to kill millions of babies. (Forgive ME). Forgive us for being ignorant and passively responsible for other people’s suffering.

Dear LORD, in Jesus’ name we pray you will provide us PASSOVER PROTECTION from the forthcoming forces of evil. We pray you will protect our families and warn us of danger in advance. We petition you, in the Name of Yeshua, to trip up the enemy and protect your Bride.

We love you Lord and walk in FAITH. In Jesus’ name protect us all with your ARMOR every day we walk in this Tribulation.


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