Hollywood’s Evil Agenda for your child(ren)

I have to tell you a story:

One day, I cant recall which, my cousin, sister and I decided we were going to do magic. I was almost going to say that I wasn’t sure who decided we would…but I suddenly realized it was me. I have always been sensitive to spiritual things and such…I had this ring from the secret santa workshop…80’s kids will know what I’m talking about.

Any way, we placed it inside a hat and covered it with tissue. Then I suggested that we take a place surrounding the hat on the floor inside my room. I also suggested that we place our hands over the hat, close our eyes and say every magic word we could think of. We wanted the ring to disappear.

I remember using: Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra…we even threw some “mary poppins” in there with the: supercalafragalisticsexpialidotious. Don’t spell check me on that one.

We were serious. So serious in our intent that we didn’t stop with just saying these words one time. No. We said them over and over and over again. When we were tired of saying them, we said them again. We kept our eyes closed and imagined the ring leaving.

I would estimate that about twenty-five minutes had passed. I remember we didn’t immediately check to see if it had vanished. I remember us saying thank you. To who? Who knows? But when we uncovered the ring inside the hat, it was most certainly gone. True story.

Immediately we accused each other of taking it while our eyes were closed. We left the room that day slightly spooked but somewhat curious as to what had really happened. Had we done it?! Should we be frightened?! Where did it go?? We tried to bring it back but the strength wasn’t there. I can’t remember if it was because we all felt tired or hungry. Either way it never worked. It wasn’t until a few years later when the ring reappeared. I found underneath my mother’s bed. Scary!

I never told mom about this.

Why am I telling you this? Simple. Hollywood has had a long history of creating stories and movies involving magic. The use of words that don’t seem to exist in our everyday language. And shockingly, when these movies and books come out, the focus is almost always the children. Why is that do you think?
Because the imagination of a child is stronger than that of an adult. Children love games. Anything that challenges their minds to pull away from reality and engage in make believe and fantasy will always draw them in. Their innocence gives power to any ritual. This is why any time you’ve heard of a victim of satanic ritualism, they’ve always included children.

So to bring us to current events. Hollywood has had a specific agenda when it comes to children. Engage and entice. Once they’ve captivated their audience…those children will take what ever subliminal messages/enchantments invoked through the movie or the book and recreate them…much like how I did.

I’m going to list a few movies/tv shows and you’ll see what I mean:

1. Harry Potter Franchise
2. The Golden Compass
3. Paranorman
3. EVERY Disney Movie
4. Vampire Diaries
5. Buffy
6. Men In Black
7. Beautiful Creatures
8. Secret Circle
9. Charmed
10. The Craft
11. Titans
12. Every X-men story, cartoon or comic
13. 666 Park Ave (contemptuously aired on Sundays…like an “in your face” move)

The list can get pretty long…but you get the idea.

How many times have you heard kids reciting phrases or words from these stories in an effort to recreate a scene they saw?

Most people believe these words and phrases were made up. They don’t see the harm in them. Wrong. There is a website that does a beautiful job of explaining the impossibility of coincidence: http://www.crossroad.to/ask-peter/hp-overview-1.htm

It is important not to allow the world such intimate access. Children aren’t the only targets. You are as much a target and your “programming” is just as sinister.

If you’ve been keeping up with HBO, Showtime, Starz and what ever other cable networks exists I caution you to CEASE and DESIST!

TruebloodNephilim, Titans & Lilith. The offspring of angels and women had an unquenchable blood thirst. It is also understood that in ancient Egypt that when one ascended to “light” they became gods with incredible strength, knowledge and powers. Able to rip their souls from their physical bodies and travel to distant places. Notice how, with each passing season, the story line became darker. There was no longer any innocence about it. It was all intentional. The sex scenes more graphic as well as the violence and gore.
Game of ThronesThe Book of Revelations “Remixed”. Season one started out innocent enough. I was unsuspecting but by the midway point of season two I could see it clearly. You would really have to know your bible for this one.
The twins who were having sex, created a child who became a monster. Antichrist. The strange redhead who was beautiful and enchanting who walked out of the sea and into a cave to give birth. The Whore of Babylon who gives birth to the second Antichrist.

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Its the Holy Spirit and my own inquisitive mind that helps me to see what is really passing for “entertainment”.
Disenchant yourselves with Hollywood’s glamour. Disentangle yourselves from these stories and their characters. Recognize that you and your children are being spiritually drugged and harnessed through the windows of your souls. Your eyes!
Watching these shows and movies is more than just for entertainment purposes. Hollywood is trying to open portals and gateways in your homes and in your holy temples “the body”. They are effectively “hacking” you and syphoning your spiritual participation to give power to their rituals.

The words of these  so called “made up” languages are either demonic names or incantations that are every bit of real. When you see your kids running around casting spells on one another in the back yard, that is NOT a game!

Wake up!

Here is a three part video that can explain what I’m saying here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_UgnZ5lymg

The age of innocence has been under attack from that very first day in the garden. And if we couldn’t retain our own innocence then, what makes you believe that in this day it is not in danger?

Its time to reclaim the family unit. Time to turn off cable vision. Turn on prayer in schools. Turn on prayer in the home. Turn on prayer while driving to work and most definitely turn on prayer when sending your kids off into the world.

We took prayer out of schools for propriety’s sake…and now we carry the bodies of children out instead.

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