Christ Conscience-ness, Jesus Christ and the Anti – Christ

Today I have a birthday tea party to attend and I have on this ridiculous dress that I cant seem to find a belt to match with…and all I keep thinking about this morning or early afternoon is this knowledge quest I’ve been on for two years.

I took an intentional break from the bible officially in 2010…unofficially since about fourteen. I blame that entirely on my abusive stepfather and his hypocritical Christian life but enough about that…maybe I’ll talk about that later.

This quest I embarked on…I was so sure that something about religion had to be missing. I was missing some part of the story that tied it all together. Otherwise how could one explain all the tiny similarities between conflicting religions or indigenous early tribes of the planet.

If anyone has any idea what I’m referring to please please shoot me a comment or email…its 11:45 and I have to be at this place by 12:30…ughhh… *side eye*

To be continued…

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