Enemies of the State, The Constitution and Martial Law

As history is the best teacher it should be safe to assume that as time progresses our national security should get better not worse. Why is this not the case? Sandy Hook, Aurora, Dorner and Boston…all seemingly preventable tragedies…right?

Know Your Enemy

Did you see Enemy of the State with Will Smith? If you didn’t its a movie about a man, seeming law abiding who is hunted by the gov for a video he is unaware he has. He has no idea why he is targeted or why people are after him. He is framed for murder…etc. GREAT MOVIE.

Could that actually happen? Did it actually happen? Consider Dorner.
No one knew who this man was. There was a manifesto on Facebook professed to be his creation and a statewide manhunt for his arrest. His story simply came out of nowhere…and we were dropped in the middle of the conflict playing out. Why is that?
So lets see if I got this right:
He “had” a facebook page where he posted a manifesto of “intended” or “alluded intent” of crime.
He then goes on an UNseen rampage of killings: a couple in their car and a police officer.
He then runs, kidnaps a couple and hides out until he ultimately shoots himself in the head before burning to an unrecognizable death in a cabin.
Police have a very public shoot out with clear intent to kill. The targets: two old ladies and one man. Oops!
The reasoning or excuses being due to similar vehicles, police felt the need to light them up before confirming the identity or making an arrest? The shoot first ask questions last scenario.
Ask yourself if this were a movie, did the police have the right to shoot? Did you see the “bad guy” shoot the innocent people? Did you see him kill an officer? Did he really write that manifesto? Did a single shred of evidence link him to anything that happened aside from a conveniently published document on social media? Was he your enemy?

Who is your enemy?

If you asked the women who were shot at AND injured during the shooting who their enemies were, who do you think they would say?

The Constitution – Janie has no gun

The ongoing debate for gun laws and gun control is a lot like the war on drugs and drug control isn’t it? Ongoing! But ask yourself some questions and be honest with your answers:

1. If you as a law abiding citizen of this country are not allowed to purchase a weapon…will that create a safer country?
2. Will you feel safer running at night because your neighbors don’t have guns?
3. How about going to the bank to make a cash deposit?
4. Taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon with your friends?

Well duh, the answer is yes right? Of course you feel safer! There are no guns remember?  There is a law that says you cant have guns so no one has guns…case closed.
Well, that’s not entirely true right? In actuality, there are no guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. Criminals, who by definition are LAWLESS, will still have guns and plenty of them. They will be the only people in our society readily able to defend themselves; and guess what…if you choose to maintain that right you will be labeled a criminal making you no different.

So, knowing this, your gov would still prefer that all lawful people be treated like criminals. You must first register with all your information and obtain a permit before purchasing a weapon. So wait, criminals don’t register their weapons nor are they on a list but you have to be. Criminals don’t pay taxes but you do. Criminals have the luxury of  keeping their fire power a secret but you…you register your entire life. They need to know who you are and what you’re capable of at all times. Never mind that every single true criminal out there who would sooner shoot you before help you is above their radar. Its YOU who they’re (gov) concerned with. Why is that? Shouldn’t their concern be with the criminal element? Why further neuter the good people? What have we done to warrant such intrusive controlling measures?

I’ll tell you why. Because once the sleeping giant awakens, they will take up arms. But how do they defeat this giant? Simple. They disarm it while it watches reality tv. They manipulate it during super-bowl Sunday.
But they don’t want to force you to give up your rights…they need you to agree to have them taken. Its a delicate game really. They learned from history that use of force leads to riot so they strategized and found that when people agree there is less “mess”.  And if the time comes to start pointing fingers at who is, are or were responsible for it all…they will show you that YOU are who, were, is and are responsible for it all.

So until they drive home the need of further gun control…they will continue create gun violence of the highest degree. They make it so that people feel unsafe doing their regular routine. Hit them where people can never recover…and…if that doesn’t work, target those who can’t defend themselves. Children.

Its time to wake up and see that the man on the tv screen being chased by people with guns may not be the whole story.


Martial Law like Tic-Tac-Toe

Yes Boston was a Martial Law training exercise but it didn’t start out that way. That was some impressive on the fly thinking going on there. Lets not forget the bumbling media with their perverse need to “get the exclusive” being the reason behind the tennis game of retraction that was going on.
If you are skeptical like most people but have no idea where to start…I tell you the internet is both the best and worst place to begin. Your social media sites like youtube is full of people like you and me just trying to weed out news media bull to see what is or is not.

I’m sure by now that some people are aware that there was military presence at the marathon finish line. What some people don’t know is why.

Why were they there? What were they doing? And most importantly, why the hell the news media syndicates didn’t feel the need to tell you that.
They didn’t want to interview any REAL spectators or runners because those people just couldn’t keep their mouths shut about the announcements about the bomb sniffing dogs or black ops personnel in full gear (tan pants, tan boots and black jackets).

But lets move from the “who” and get to the “why”…

Martial law is coming people. Its written in the bible in the book of Revelations that the world will be under control of the Beats….oops I mean beast. (I’ll come back to beats later)
So if the world is controlled under one faction….the ENTIRE WORLD, then martial law has to play a significant part of that plan.
You cannot control an unpredictable situation. Meaning…you have to know what is possible in every scenario. You have to prepare for multiple outcomes; and you have to be ready to deviate from a well laid plan.

That is what happened in Boston. There was a well laid plan that was screwed up by the news media and they had to deviate but the outcome was the same.

Boston was the first major city to undergo martial law. They shut down the buses, taxis, trains and planes. I did not rhyme on purpose.
You could not even walk on the street without a valid reason. If you called in to work you absence was excused only because your boss wasn’t allowed to work either.
You were marked by the over 9,000 multi law/military personnel unit tasked to get their chops on how quickly they could secure a site. They were tested on several things but most importantly on how long they could hold YOUR cooperation.

But O.N., if that’s true then why bomb? Don’t you think that your reasoning makes no sense? Fool! What did I just say up there ^ in section one titled “Know Your Enemy”?
They need YOU to believe that THEY have a VALID reason. They cannot just strip you of your freedom. They need you to GIVE it away!

You need an example don’t you? Ok….so…lets see:

If I walked up to you on a street and said…excuse me…would you please give me your wallet? I’d like to know who you are, where you live and what you do…and if you have wallet size photos of your family that would be even better since I’d have a way of cross referencing you in the event you tried to run and hide from me.

You would say hell no. I would too! However…in the game of tic tac toe…you have to corner your opponent with seemingly innocent moves until the end up blocking themselves and you make that final winning move. If you do it right, you can win in just three moves…and not three moves you make…but three moves in total! And by the time your opponent sees it, they have no choice. Either way they lose. I loved that look. When they finally see that no matter which block they chose…you were posed to win the game…its better than chess because you’re required to outsmart in such a small window of time…I’m getting away from myself here.

So lets revisit the same scenario with a few changes…

If I RAN up to you and told you I was law enforcement and tracked a dangerous person headed your way. I told you this person was known for planting…oh I don’t know, poison on his victims which later killed them instantly. I flash my unrecognizable identification to you to validate that what I say might in fact be true. Then I ask you to dump your belongings right there on the ground so that I may “sift” through your personal items in the hopes of finding what ever YOU assume shouldn’t be there…
…meanwhile you see the same scenario playing out on the street with other people.
Guess what. Your FEAR of the unknown will super-cede your sensibility of self. You would dumb your bag, your purse and even turn your head upside down to make sure you were alright.

Bahzingah – yes I stole that from Sheldon. But you see my point. This is what happens every single time the media reports on some outlandish crime that affects more than one person. You have to notice that with each occurrence, the media will lead you like a horse in a bridle to an appropriate bill or law in question. Then they’ll do things like ask you to vote on their polls or comment on their stupid facebook pages on what you think.

And while you, the hardworking citizen are played in an aggressive match of tic tac toe you have no idea that they’ve so perfected their strategy that before you start you’ve already lost. Why? Because you aren’t even playing! They are making your moves for you. All you’re doing is going right along with the program. Crying when you see the sad stories….err news about people being shot so you give them your guns…because we all know if you own a gun you’re going to shoot someone.
You get angry when you see the movie….err news about some terror suspects(coughgarbagecough) so you agree to be locked up on house arrest for several days until they can kill him in your streets and fabricate a believable story later.

and meanwhile…

American Idol judges are being fired….aww! Dancing with the Stars is heating up! So You Think You Can Dance is returning! More movie blockbusters coming out! Gas dropped a penny!

Do you even remember North Korea threats? Do you even consider how or why Canada and Russia are being talked about in closed boardroom meetings with your leaders. Is it a coincidence that some random guy somewhere successfully created a plastic gun? And the feds, who of course knew nothing and do not condone it, silenced his site and confiscated his materials? Do you know that sometimes a conspiracy theory isn’t a theory but a thesis?

Its times like these in the history of mankind to stop looking at the man telling the story and start looking at the writing on the wall. Its time to stop taking in the spoken “facts” and start looking at who stands to gain from the circumstance.

There is enough crime tv on air today for everyone to see corruption in their every day lives but people are still choosing to be ignorant. Has tv really done its job? Has it truly desensitized us to violence and gov corruption? How many people thought Trinity was a criminal in the first four minutes of the first Matrix movie? Was it a coincidence when the real evil showed up that they looked the way they did?

Have they done their job? Did they show us exactly who they were just to make us comfortable with the idea? Are you ok knowing that those who claim to do all they can to “protect” you means that they truly did ALL THEY CAN?

Can they even be stopped now…

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