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I got a call this morning from my would be brother in law and love. Essentially he wanted to get perspective on what he should do about his relationship with his pastor and his church…

Now mind you, I haven’t set foot in church in many months reasons being many, valid ones…none. So saying, I expected the conversation would be lengthy. Fifty-six minutes to be exact.

Continuing: He wanted to know what he should do or how he should proceed with his pastor’s advice. And not knowing what that advice was, I tried my best to give him a balanced approach.

“No man but Christ can stand between you and god. A pastor is UNnecessary for salvation. He is merely a vessel or tool utilized to lead you to unity amongst others. That is it.”

Now here is were it got tricky,

He told me his pastor decided to suspend him from the church because he kept making too many of the same mistakes.

wait…whoa, what?? Can he even do that? Do pastors these days think they have that right?


This is my first blog entry and its most likely going to be the mildest entry because my message is not about peace. The intention of this blog is to congregate my thoughts and ideas in one space and share them with whomever should choose to read here.

Mankind is eternally flawed and therefore can never and will never attain perfection. That includes pastors, rabbais, priests and all other holy religious leaders. So when you start asking these people for advice or instruction you have to remember that even though they carry a title of authority, they are still FLAWED. Human. Capable of making mistakes and giving AWFUL advice.

Any religious leader seeking to “bar” your way to your heavenly father is WRONG. He does not have that right. Worshipping god is not a privilege. It is your RIGHT. It is your duty and destiny to do so. Regardless of your current spiritual standing, you have the right and the duty to worship. You could be covered in garbage and drunk on a rainy day. You can worship. No man can tell you to take a time out from god.

Mistakes are the consequences of humanity’s sin. We will continue to make them because we are forever imperfect. It is not within our ability to become perfect so any one who would make you fell less than as a result of this is clearly not giving you Sage Advice.

God is like a hovering parent with a toddler learning to walk for the first time. Holding onto one hand and watching you balance with the other. Every so often, he’ll see how far you can go without assistance. He’ll watch you teeter and swivel with your own determination to stand. He’ll give reassuring words and praise when you succeed and encourage you to walk. That first step will be precarious, but He will be right there. And if you happen to fall…guess what? He will NEVER tell you to take a time out. He will NOT say, you’re suspended. No, He will pick you up, dust you off if necessary and stand you up again and tell you to try again.

Churches are nothing without its people. They are just buildings and once they’re empty that’s all they can be. Pastors are no one without a congregation. They are just humans if ever people refuse to listen.

Authority and power can corrupt even within a church. I’ve seen many pastors say strange and silly things knowing that the people would accept it. Certain things like: “Take out your check books and write $777.77. If you can’t write that amount then write $77.77. If you can’t write that then write $7.77.” Gimmicks.

They’ve become infomercials to Heaven. Selling you the “sizzle” to steak. God does not use gimmicks. He does not need you to write a sequence of numbers. He does not need you to jump through hoops and he certainly does not need you to do it “quickly” as most televised pastors would have you believe.

People, I noticed, are starving for a connection. And with that hunger, you have those who would seek to exploit it for their own nefarious purposes. Not all men were created equal and there has never been a more perfect man since Jesus Christ. There will never be another one again.

Your pastor is not perfect. Your priest is not perfect. Your rabbi is not perfect. They are just human. Their intentions become clear when they start to speak. If you feel like you’ve been jumping through hoops in order to attain grace or mercy…they aren’t of God.

Yes I said that.

God knows you aren’t perfect and He will not require you to try to be. You only need to be yourself and rest in the knowledge that your salvation is not based on your perfection. It is based on your faith; and your faith only needs to be this big —> (o). That is it! No hoops. No frills. No 500 hail Mary’s. No special hour to pray. No special clothing to wear.

And once that salvation is given, it can never be taken from you. Rest in that piece of Sage Advice.


So next time you seek counsel or guidance from your spiritual leader just remember: consider the source. If that advice has you leaving feeling guilty about yourself, bad about your life or lack of “perfection” then seek a second opinion from a better source. Who better than He who created you Himself.

Welcome to my blog.

I started with this story because it reminded me that I love to talk about God. I love to show how in simplicity you can answer any complicated question. This is not going to be a blog about get right get right get right. It is not about sending people to hell if they don’t agree. Its about real world issues and how it ties in to what’s happening in the spirit.

Its about recognizing the battle and knowing which enemy is attacking you. Its about how to prepare yourself and who to stand with or against.

More importantly its about showing you how your enemy has chosen to befriend you in order to betray you. You’ll have to see it for yourself to know it to be true; and when you see it hidden in plain sight, then you’ll start to understand how you must put down your tambourine and pick up your sword.

Get ready to become a warrior.

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One Response to Sage Advice

  1. Bernard Wilcox says:

    That was great, Kim. You made a lot of valid points. There is no proof on their word that Former did ANYTHING. Then to be 100 feet away from the people looking for him, mmmmm well that just shows their incompetence. I was wondering about North Korea myself and just commenting to a friend about how they love to distract the people with trivia while the real story goes by. I have maintained for awhile that the gov treats the people like a monkey with a shiny ball in the right hand…keep them focused on that shiny ball and with the left hand get away with EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, the majority of the people fervently wants to believe in this country and will die in that belief. If they had their way…everyone but White people would have to leave this country and they would shutdown the borders…because they NEVER had this problem when they were in charge.

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