Don’t be entertained, Be SAVED

God warned us to Be IN the world but not OF the world

Fasting, reading and prayer reveals hidden truths of your surroundings and spirituality. Now, more than ever, do I realize that attempting to reside in heaven with God and in the world with the devil will absolutely result in PERMANENT citizenship with the devil.

God loves you eternally but He will not tolerate only part of your devotion. He wants it all.

The devil doesn’t care if you only give him an inch…he knows that one inch is just enough taint that God cannot tolerate. Its just enough sin that keeps you lost forever.


I made a comment a few days ago, questioning society’s love of violence, sex and gore. It wasn’t always like this. We enjoyed TGIF family viewing on tv. We had comedies and clean love stories in movies. We had Super Mario Bros video games, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Pac Man…etc!

When did we sell our souls? When did we cash in our chips for gratuitous violence and overt sexual content?

Don’t you (YOU) realize that you are a child of GOD ALMIGHTY!? Don’t you know that you were divinely CREATED in HIS image? Can’t you see the world becoming more corrupt day by day? Do you truly believe that hell is nothing more than a playground for the wicked?

It is not where you go if you want to have a “good time”. It is not the carnival for the flesh. Satan knows this.

All of your high grossing entertainers, movie stars and the entire industry have plotted and planned for such a day as this. A day where morality is simply “how you feel”. Politically correct speech keeps you from speaking the truth. Unfortunately for some “entertainers” who believed their blood oath or soul selling was a farce…they are either slaves to their contract or dead for refusing to fulfill it.

IT IS REAL. IT HAPPENS. And some celebrities who made it as far as the door and spoke about it, were QUICKLY silenced.


Where do you fit in?

Well, as long as you are entertained…your silence is bought. But do you realize what being entertained by Satan really means?

Entertainment is defined as: Amusement or Diversion; engaging
Diversion is defined as: (divert) distraction or an attack or feint that draws the attention and force of an enemy from the point of the PRINCIPLE OPERATION
Distraction is defined as: (distract) to turn aside or divert, to turn aside, draw or DIRECT, to stir up or confuse
Direct is defined as the following:
to impart orally  
to adapt in expression so as to have particular applicability
to regulate the activities or course of  
to carry out the organizing, energizing, and supervising of
to dominate and determine the course of  
to train and lead performances of
to cause to turn, move, or point undeviatingly or to follow a straight course
to point, extend, or project in a specified line or course
to request or enjoin with authority
to show or point out the way for
to point out, prescribe, or determine a course or procedure

Hollywood is, without question, morally bankrupt and completely evil. When ALL animated films intended for children have been corrupted with embedded pornography and satanic symbolism…the assumption of one or two rogue animation artists cannot stand.

When the music industry’s hidden satanic symbolisms are identified why do you continue to indulge? Can conspiracy theorists have THAT much time on their hands? Is it truly the agenda of off balanced individuals trying to ruin an artist?

Ask yourself one question: What if its all true?


What if the representations of symbols and spells cast on music/movies/books/tv is all true? Would it explain your fascination? Could that be the reason you are addicted to something? Coffee? Sex? Food? Violence? Drugs? Could that be why you’re constantly sick? Would that explain your child’s behavior?

What if you turned it all off?

Its so important that should you choose to be entertained, you first KNOW the source of the entertainer/ment. What master they serve. Its just like seating yourself at a table to be served a feast. Would you eat willingly and heartily if you didn’t know or understand what was on the menu?

Like a feast, society has been fed lies, manipulation and deceit. There are a few enlightened people who have uncovered many secret truths to these “feasts” and have exposed them for what they are. Unfortunately, because so many people have come to love the taste of blood, they choose to continue to dine on tainted meat sacrificed to Satan. Entertained by Satan.

And because you are….so ENTERTAINED…Satan has the ability to DIVERT your attention from the truth of who you really are. He is able to fully DISTRACT you from his true identity and can now DIRECTLY DOMINATE, DETERMINE, DIRECT, TRAIN, LEAD, TURN
MOVE and IMPART to you his will and desires.
Now you are his slave or puppet…willingly pantomiming his thoughts in every way of your life. Your very soul is nearly lost. He is your ENEMY. He is not a figment of someone imagination. He is not a character you fell in love with in a movie. He is the seed and root of ALL EVIL. He is a destroyer of family. He hates love and he HATES YOU. He is happy when you fail to see his traps. Happy when you divorce your husband/wife. Happy when you harm your children/animals. Ecstatic when you take joy in gore and filth. Loves it when you sleep around. Loves it when you steal or lie. Loves it when you pretend to kill in video games…and LOVES it even more when you ENJOY doing so.

His fate has already been determined. He can only seek to harm his Father by dragging you to hell with him. Don’t go.

Jesus stepped into humanity to save you from Satan. He obliterated Satan’s power over you ETERNALLY; you simply have to accept that victory. Be in the world, but not of it. Be a light in the darkness. Be a living testimony of God’s mercy and grace. And more importantly, be VIGILANT in avoiding the snares of your enemy. He’s coming for you like never before because his time is nearly over. Keep him defeated by coming out of Babylon and choosing New Jerusalem instead.


Let only those who seek the truth of these words, find it.

Don’t choose to be entertained, choose Jesus Christ.

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Mythology and the Coming Great Deception by Rob Skiba (review)


Today has indeed been an eventful day. It started at approximately 1:15am and all I can say is that I am more convinced that these are those days Yeshuah talked about in the book of Matthew.

Now more than ever, it is not just important but IMPERATIVE that we hold steadfast to our salvation through Christ. The time of thinking about the “last days” as some far away event is over.

If you still think and believe that spiritual warfare has nothing to do with current events in politics and government you’d be sadly mistaken.

As I’ve said before, the god of this world, politics and Yaweh’s elect (warriors)…this time is AT HAND.

I’m just a woman. A blogger. A lover of Yeshuah and a lover of all of creation. I am not internet savvy. I am not a computer genius. I could never piece together a video illustrating my…

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Heavenly High. No Earthly Good

Heavenly High. No Earthly Good.

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Heavenly High. No Earthly Good

Romans 3:23 – For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Before there was grace, there was law and law ruled without compassion and without love. It was not a respecter of person, lineage or age. If you broke the law, you paid a price.

Before Jesus Christ – Temporary Sacrifice
A goat was used as the blood offering or sacrifice for the UNKNOWN sins that righteous men who followed God’s law. This implies that only those sins were forgiven through burnt offerings…what about the “willful sins”?

Hebrews 10:26
For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sin.

In other words: If you sin knowingly or intentionally, you will undo the power of forgiveness by the blood sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  That is heavy stuff!

Why am I talking about sin and forgiveness right now. It seems a bit like a step back in our walk…I mean, we all already know these things right?

Yes we know these things but NO, we do not fully understand the WHY and HOW.

Why you MUST live and LEAD a HOLY Life

Christ gave us the perfect example of who we should be to humanity. Stewards. We are representatives of He who saves. Because He saved us, we are free to live and help others find that same salvation.
Our lives should be filled with miracles. Everyday we should be involved in a miracle one way or another. Why? Because that’s what Jesus did every day. He changed the minds of people who might have been on the fence regarding Him.
When He came, He didn’t come to start a war, He came to start the kindling that would one day become a raging fire for HIM.
He set people to start talking about Him, learning and saying His name on a daily basis. I can almost imagine the conversations:

“Did you hear of this ‘Jesus’?…”
“…I was in the assembly when Jesus….”
“Jesus healed a little boy…”

His name was the daily topic of conversation in the Old Testament. The devil must have been in agony hearing it.

The “WHY” is solely because of the “WHO”. Jesus is why we have to take off the old mantle of sin and our old nature. It should be so polarizing that being who we used to be becomes distasteful. That old lifestyle becomes unsatisfying.
Think of it like eating hotdogs all your life but then one day, having someone serve you juicy, well seasoned and cooked to perfection steak. Can you go back to hotdogs and be satisfied?

I am laying the foundation so that this entry can talk about the HOW. How we became so Heavenly High that we also became No Earthly Good.

As I said before, we are to be stewards…representatives of Christ in us; and every day should be FILLED with the evidence of holiness and salvation aka Miracles.

Yesterday I left my home for work, stopping at a gas station. As I pulled up I noticed a small woman walking between the stations talking to patrons. I immediately knew she was asking for money.
In my mind I pretended not to notice her. I also tried to convince the Holy Spirit that I wasn’t pretending not to notice her. Silly right? Of course it’s silly but its true! I sat in my car for a moment trying to figure out how much gas I was going to get. I had plenty of cash on me. By the time I got out of my car she had moved on to the other patrons across from me. I walk in to pay and come out nearly forgetting that she was there.
But as I began to pump a small voice a few feet away…”excuse me miss lady”.

I turned her down when she asked me if I had any change to spare. I didn’t think twice…its as she walked away that the Holy Spirit COMPLETELY rebuked me for my selfishness.
Completely contrite I called out to her and blessed her above what she had originally asked for. How much more effective could I be had I done so immediately?

God said that what ever you measure out for others, He will measure out for you. If you measure and temper your forgiveness, He will do the same for you. If you live your life in constant judgment of others, He will judge you just the same. If you refuse to forgive then you tie the hands of forgiveness for yourself.

It is NOT ok with God that we represent Him in such a fashion. We cannot be His children if we do not carry His attributes of a Father. We are the ONLY living examples of Christ today. The ONLY ones! So it stands to reason that our mantle, our countenance and our actions should directly reflect the Christ within.
Christ did not judge, He did not turn away and He did not measure or reduce the amount of healing or assistance He gave based on what He saw. He just did what was asked of Him. Faithfully.

The “How”

How can I please God, The Father? By being a bold and honest heir. Sharing your wealth. Wealth isn’t just money, its time…knowledge…strength…love…all of these things!

Don’t concern yourself with wondering if the help you provide is deserved. Maybe its not…but if you stop to consider that you don’t even deserve the salvation God has given, then you have the answer.

Salvation Is NOT Free

Christ paid the ultimate cost to create a way out of no way for humanity. And when He rose again on the third day, completely victorious He CHARGED us with a duty! That duty was and still is to share of the GOOD NEWS. To tell others of His miracle and His sacrifice. To try and save as many humans as possible. That is the cost of your salvation. You have to work for it!
You succeed by being that living example. You walk like Jesus did…in patience and love. You talk like Jesus did…taking authority over your life and situations. You pray like Jesus did…going boldly before the throne of The Most High God and you LOVE like Jesus did…without condition and without judgment.

If I live like this, then every day of my life will contain a miracle. I will be a blessing and not a curse. I will show people how great my God is! And God can and will use me to effect change in the lives of others.
I don’t have to worry about who deserves what…I know that I am UN-deserving but my Father CHOSE to forgive me anyway and because of that I should want to bless others as a way to say THANK YOU FATHER.

Jesus said: “…what ever you do to the least among you, you also do to me…”
The WORD says: “…you attend to angels, unaware…”

If you can love without concern…
If you can bless without fanfare…
If you can…then you truly are a child of God.

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The Lord’s Prayer Instruction

Jesus gave his followers a model for prayer. And up until today, I believed that you simply recited it…wrong.

In Matthew 6:7 it says,
And when you pray, do not use VAIN REPETITIONS as the heathen do…For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

So what Christ was saying is…don’t rely on simply saying the same thing over and over again. Don’t just repeat your words from memory.
Each time you pray should be unique and special. Who wants to have the exact same conversation repeatedly? No one.

For example: If you’ve ever called a customer service dept., the rep answers the line in a scripted way and most times, devoid of any true interest in the caller.

Our prayers should not be scripted. Yaweh is The Almighty God! Do you think that He doesn’t know why you’re praying? How much more insulting could I be…going through the motions of “devotion” by giving Him some scripted entreaty?


Jesus knew! He knew that in order to maintain a covenant, we’d have to go deeper. But once again, we simply think that reciting the Lord’s Prayer is going to get it.


First, Jesus gave US that prayer! It is not “The Lord’s Prayer”. It is The Lord’s INSTRUCTION for prayer.

Matthew 6:8
8Therefore do not be like them. For your FATHER knows the things you have need of before you ask HIM.
9In this manner, therefore, pray:

HE said “in this manner, therefore, pray:” That means…this prayer is an OUTLINE. An example on how to pray to God. Not necessarily what to say but instead how to say it!

Here is Jesus’ instruction:

10Our Father in heaven
Hallowed be Your name
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven…

Stop there. I think this section is the most powerful portion of this prayer outline. What Jesus told us to do here: ACKNOWLEDGE
Address your God and acknowledge HIS greatness and all that HE IS. Acknowledge that HIS WILL is above all and that before and above anything else is HIS WILL.
IT(HIS WILL) will be done on the earth as it ALREADY is in heaven.

So each time we pray, we should begin by first acknowledging HIM who we pray to and show respect and admiration of that unequalled greatness. You are talking to the MASTER ARCHITECT of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE after all…that requires all the respect my caps lock can try and identify. He is GOD, Lord of ALL! He can see right through the theatrics so it’s best to leave them out of the equation.

11Give us this day our daily bread

Jesus said to Satan when He was tempted that man should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
In other words, each day we should begin by asking for His guidance for the day. What would He have us do to being honor to Him. How can we be of service for The Master Architect this day?

12And forgive us our debts
As we forgive our debtors

Debts =  Sins or offenses
Hello! Forgive us of our sins AS we forgive others. We have to have forgiveness! We cannot ask for what we are unwilling to provide. If we pray to God for money guess what…we have to be willing to give it away.
If we pray for strength, we have to be willing to be strong! Peace? Be a peacemaker….etc.
Holding onto money, selfishness, anger, grief, envy….all of these things may explain what we are constantly praying for love, money, fame.
Instead we should emulate what we are seeking. Basically Jesus made sure to say AS WE…meaning…we and our actions dictate God’s action.

13And do not lead us into temptation
But deliver us from the evil one
For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever,

Each daily conversation/prayer should contain a request for protection. DAILY. Why? Because to protect His children is His glory! Protection signifies that you are His! Protection shows His Power!
In the old testament, the world knew who God’s true followers were by His constant protection. People were thrown into fires and lions and were UNHARMED…which then caused those who tried to harm them to question their own faith!
His protection is a weapon for winning souls! Its in His will and desire to protect you but you have to ask! He gave you the free will to ask….or refuse by not asking.

How do you ask for protection? You start by putting on your armor. No one but fools go in to battle without armor and believe me…spiritual battles are CONSTANTLY raging. Just because its a beautiful day outside doesn’t mean that  you will make it home in one peace at the end of the day.
There is a constant battle and struggle for your downfall. You. Personally. Yes you!

Ephesians 6:12-13
12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
13Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to stand.

It is so important to cover yourself, your loved ones and everyone…even your enemies with the power of the Blood of Christ. Why? Because your true enemy is the spiritual hosts of wickedness that rule this world. Not your neighbor who wont stop playing his music loud. Not your boss who seems to hate you for no reason.
Your enemy wants to destroy you utterly! These frivolous things of the world are just that. Frivolous! But they are indicative of the spirit. If you have been nothing by kind, patient and understanding but for some reason it doesn’t matter. People curse at you and hate you anyway. Is it because you deserve it? Or are they tools of your enemy seeking to engage you into battle?

The Armor

Helmet of Salvation
Breastplate of Righteousness
Girdle of Truth
Shoes of Peace
Sword of the Spirit
and above ALL the SHIELD OF FAITH

The Shield is the ONLY way to please God. Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.

When you are uncovered, without your armor and faith and without God’s interception you will be destroyed.

Interception. To intercept. If you look at that word and its meaning closely you’ll realize all that He does to preserve you! God is AWESOME!

Definition: head off; interrupt

ambush, appropriate, arrest, block, catch, check, curb, cut in, cut off, deflect, head off at pass, hijack, hinder, interlope, interpose, make off with, obstruct, prevent, seize, shortstop, stop, take, take away

So in conclusion, Jesus gave us everything….everything we would need in one outline of prayer.
It was never intended for us to recite the lines but to use them as a guideline for every single daily prayer and invocation to The Almighty!
Lets also notice that not once during that prayer did Jesus indicate where we should ask God for what we needed or wanted!
Amazing that AFTER Christ, we no longer needed to make sacrifices of animals to have God hear us in prayer. Through Christ we can go boldly before the throne, not arrogantly but boldly….like a child bursting through a parents chamber.
Prayer is a conversation and all great and epic conversations begin with acknowledgement and end with thanks.

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Big Bang Theory or Big God?

It still amazes me that with all the prophetic scriptures in the Bible foretelling of today’s events and people would still choose to believe in theoretical ideology of the big bang theory, evolution or nothing at all.

I serve a big, all knowing, creative, mathematical, intuitive, living and ever present God. He made us in His image and gave us dominion over this planet. And we’ve fully exercised that power. We pollute it, rob it, manipulate it and destroy it.
Jesus Christ is the savior of humanity. It is not a theory, it is a fact. His burial place is real and was indeed found…empty. He promised to return to put a final end to all this calamity and destruction.
The book of Revelation says that in the last days there will be war, famine, natural disasters, a one world gov and persecution of Christianity. All of these things are happening just like the Bible said they would. Forgive me, but if I had to choose between some cosmic freak accident or intuitive design that would reunite me with the Creator Himself…I choose the Creator.

But the skeptics always want proof… here are a few examples of MY GOD:

GOD – The Bible talks about Fallen Angels corrupting mankind. They taught us all the evil we currently use today. The magic of plants, DNA tampering and war.
Man – Ancient civilizations speak of “sky people” contacting them and teaching them. They built great buildings in honor of themselves and the people worshipped them.

GOD –  Bible talks about a great flood wiping out humanity and abominations before God. In this historic event, all animals were preserved by a single man and his family. The flood is not only described as rain falling from the sky for the first time since the creation of the planet…but that it welled up from the Earth itself…doesn’t that sound like a geyser??
The bible also says that during this time there were great earthquakes which tossed the ark like a toy to and fro. I believe that is when Atlantis was destroyed and swallowed by the sea. I also believe that this is when the continents first started to drift apart which would fall in line with the belief of Pangea, the great continent.

Man – Its been proven that the Grand Canyon was created by a great flood and the Sphinx in Egypt was eroded by great SALT waters. Some would argue that the Sphinx was eroded by rain water but that was disproven by a geologist who took great pains to identify weather patterns that indicated it was partially submerged and eroded from beneath and not above.

Its not that people lack the proof…its that they refuse to fall in line. Non-believers would rather put stock in an alien race that seeded the planet than believe that an all powerful intuitive God did.
They would rather have faith in evolution even though they cant find one single shred of evidence to indicant evolution occurred. And please don’t believe for a second that they did. Evolution was not and has NEVER been proven yet scholars and educated people still rely on the theory of it. They even put it in science books as a viable explanation of life…how reckless!

To believe in God and Jesus Christ means you also believe in the wages of sin. To have faith in God means you accept the responsibilities and requirements of following His path to redemption. Some of us willingly accept this path because instead of shaking our fists at Heaven and asking why this or that…we simply accept that this is what is…it is TOO LATE to reason and question why God didn’t do this or that or why He did this or that…what point does it serve to question??
So non-believers who willfully reject do so in spite of God but rejection of God doesn’t just hurt God, it hurts YOU! And in the grand scheme…and yes it might be a scheme…but in the grand scheme of life…you only have two choices…you accept what is and how to correct your path to redemption or you reject what is and suffer the fate of rejection.

The Bible has proven itself time and time again. Those who chose to judge the book BY THE COVER and not crack it open will always reject its validity. If you love science so much how can you not investigate the Bible and only after a thorough investigation, reject it? At least in that aspect, you’d have first hand knowledge of what you’d reject rather than the here-say of a few overzealous Christians.

No one can force you to believe but I would rather believe and be wrong that not to believe and be wrong…

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10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)

A beautiful song that makes all the beautiful sense in the world, thank you Arianna for this cover

Arianna Cristina

Cover of 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman.
Bless the Lord of my soul!

Check out my youtube channel and subscribe to get updates on new song postings!

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